WP Designer


(R)Evolution in web to print

A flexible and easy to use web to print solution for WordPress which helps your customers design or customize flyers, brochures, business cards and any prints before the order.

● this is a HTML 5 based Designer, built for WordPress Woocomerce, with an open and flexible architecture, and its thousands of functionalities make it easily extendable, simple to sophisticated.

● Product-specifications are automatically detected by the preflight-check, and they are fully automated all the way into production.

● CloudLab offers one-stop project development: Engineering, layout implementation, implementation of desired features.

The result of all these ingredients is one of the most flexible standard software currently available for the online print industry. Both our software and our project development can be adjusted to match any requirement, any budget and any company size.


These are the features that make our Designer stand out



Create your own design

By offering a variety of shapes, backgrounds (which includes also searching option) or text shapes and colors, our Designer will not only meet all your expectations but also exceed them by providing a large spectrum of design possibilities. But sometimes creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting and time consuming, therefore the WP Designer helps you create unique designs your clients can browse and start theirs from.

wp_shapes               wp_backgrounds


Custom fonts and text options

Easily manage the fonts which can be used by adding or removing any web font you like.




You can also style and align your text blocks according to your needs.

text blocks features


Image editing effects & options

The WP Product Designer includes also different photo editing effects such as grayscale, sepia , invert, blur, sharpen and emboss. But also transparency and a duplicate image functionality, so there is no need to edit your image using a separate tool, this saves you time and you can see your edited image in real time integrated in your design.

photo effects


Drawing your own shape type

We set no boundary, so if you like your product to stand out, you can unleash your imagination and add individualized shape-types.

drawing option





3D- & live preview

WP Designer makes print products “tangible”. Before placing their order, our customers check the final product using a high- definition screened preview, which they can freely rotate and zoom: a roll-up poster, the company nameplate printed on acrylic right on a facade or the outer packaging with the logo and lettering. No more confused pages, no more folding errors, no more upside- down images. We also offer an optional 3D-preview: The product pre-rendered for a photo-realistic presentation or rendered in real time for 3D-views with tracking shot, animation and light effects. Open and close boxes, rotate beverage cans, see your poster in a pedestrian area. Thanks to this realistic product preview, our customers can increase their conversion rate and reduce complaints and claims, as even customers with little to no print experience can now clearly see what they are about to order.
That’s WYSIWYG at its best.
3d preview  3d-2 3d-4


Responsive design & search engine optimization


Needless to add that printQ including all its features is mobile-ready, and thanks to its responsiveness fit for the growing “mobile eCommerce”. The WP Designer  always knows the size of the user’s browser window. This way it can always adjust to the dimensions of a smartphone or tablet. You can try this out for yourself this very minute by simply scaling down the website you’re currently reading.



Looking for professional license? For features like:
  • 3D Preview
  • Print ready production files
  • Full support and helpdesk
  • CMYK colors

Boost your projects. We are your partner.