(R)Evolution in Web to Print

Software architecture

For the design and implementation of our projects we at CloudLab rely exclusively on methods and models of modern software development.


Our framework – the open-source shop system Magento – is the world’s leading, with currently more than 250.000 installations. Magento guarantees highest stability and performance, while at the same time the system remains completely adjustable and extensible. The program core of Magento is based on the scripting language PHP. Some of the major advantages of PHP are its clear structure and programming and the easy maintenance. It is because of this, that we are able to create a reusable and slim object-oriented code.


printQ is a modular cloud-software with a program core which is clearly separated from the functionalities. Thus it is always possible to extend the functional range by integrating new modules. This open architecture of printQ and Magento as well as PHP offers maximum flexibility and scalability to suit the complex needs of our customers.
system printq


The best solution for print shops


1. CloudLab relies on an open and flexible architecture, which is based on the world’s leading eCommerce system: Magento.

2. The flexible architecture allows for as many projects as needed, whether big online print shops, advertising material portals for companies, personalization or niche print shops, for example for packaging, labeling and lots more.

3. With the open and standardized software processing even the most huge and complex projects is easily possible.

4. Experienced Magento-developers can adjust the shop system further and add features or change work flow and layout.

5. CloudLab offers one-stop project development: Engineering, layout implementation, implementation of desired features, changes in workflow as well as project management and other configurations.


The result of all these ingredients is the most flexible standard software currently available for the online print industry. Both – our software and our project development – can be adjusted to match any project requirement, any budget and any company size.