printQ is a Web to Print & Printshop solution, exclusively built on the eCommerce System Magento

The printQ Features

printQ is a web to print / print shop / eBusiness system based on the eCommerce system Magento. It helps you to fully automate your print jobs. This means that printQ accepts orders of your customers through various kinds of shops (i. e. shop designs, print shops, web shops, etc.) and, based on your settings, decides how to proceed with these orders. Print and order data can be submitted to the corresponding authorities in your company via e-mail or straight to your workflow systems automatically via FTP / hot folder. printQ also offers optimized connections to HEIDELBERG prinect, Metrix or SCREEN EQUIOS. Thanks to the JDFs that are generated by default, printQ also works smoothly with any software that supports the JDF standard. printQ supports a wide range of product types. In the print shop your customers can easily configure and calculate classical print products like flyers, posters, brochures, etc. – always with regard to your plausibility check.

What you see
is what you get

Powered by Magento

With more than 250.000 installations, the open source eCommerce system Magento is the global industry leader. Small online shops as well as large, international
corporations rely on Magento as a strong basis.

Personalize Your Products

printQ enables your customers to personalize their print products in many convenient ways.

Intelligent Editors

The Form Editor allows for intelligent and partially automated creation of print PDFs, while at the same time maintaining a very clear structure. It can, for example, automatically add the correct phone number to an address.

Corporate Identity compliant

Of course printQ will also check, whether all information like phone numbers or e-mail addresses have been formatted in accordance with your CI – even for input fields
for which you have defined your own PHP rules. And one- or two-sided products are not the end of the story: You can customize entire brochures, and, once entered, values can be displayed in several places.

Easy Data Upload

Once the print product has been calculated successfully, the customer will be able to upload his print data as usual, with a button click or through a modern drag & drop uploader. Alternatively, customers can pre-upload the print file, and after an automatic check, printQ will configure the products.

Sounds too good to be true?

We don't think so! We're happy to show you our Magento Web to Print solution in detail during an individual presentation. Just contact us!