Still printing? Or have you started automating yet?

METRIX connection(MMXL)?

With METRIX, print sheets can be utilized optimally – in times of gang formes this is often enough an important aspect when constructing a profitable web to print solution. printQ will automatically suggest the best placement for the jobs, but you can still apply manual rules. And should your print shop have special workflows, we’ll most probably be able to integrate them with our METRIX connection (MXML) anyway!


Automation made simple with JDF

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Of course your printQ web shop also generates standardized JDF files for each print job. With our templates you can perfectly adjust all JDF files to your machinery. The goal of printQ is clear: Automation and, subsequently, cost optimization of your entire production.


You don’t use JDF nor METRIX? ?

We offer suitable work flows and connections also for smaller or specialized print shops. After every order, for example all print data, job folders and delivery notes can be submitted to your servers via FTP. You keep an overview over your orders at all times and are even still able to intervene if a customer sent the wrong data
We’ll gladly help you anytime if you wish to implement additional automations into your work processes! Get in touch with us!

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