Print Data Editors

Easy to use and versatile Print Data Editors

On the Product Editor (OTP)


printQ comes with a modern HTML5 editor for products, called the On the Product Editor. This editor allows your customers to make adjustments right on the product – „What You See Is What You Get“ (WYSIWYG). As an administrator you can determine, which information your customers are allowed to modify. If, for example, for product “A” the customer may only change the font color, but for product “B” he may freely use the entire tool palette, this is easily feasible. Not only are your customers able to create and edit texts, but of course they can also upload and crop images. Text as well as images can be freely positioned, rotated and enlarged or reduced. Once your customer has finished his print data modifications, printQ will generate 100% ready-to-print PDF files including crop boxes, media boxes, bleed and trim boxes. Of course all fonts are embedded, and the color space is defined as CMYK or as special color (HKS, Pantone).





Formular Editor


If rather than flexibility you would like to offer your customers more comfort in complying with the defined corporate design, printQ’s highly automatable Form Editor should be your editor of choice. With this editor you can check and even adjust all customer input. If, for example, you wish to always abbreviate a key customer’s street address on business cards with “St.”, you can comfortably preset this via printQ. You also decide whether you wish for the customer to receive an error message in case of a problem or just want to automatically revise the information entered. Of course it is possible to format phone numbers as well as check e-mail addresses. If desired, printQ will also generate QR-Codes, which you can freely place on print products. It goes without saying that after login all customer data is automatically loaded from the customer database. And, last but not least: Both web to print editors (On the Product and Form Editor) are compatible with each other. It just takes a simple click to find out which editor will better suit your current project or product!


Easy to create editor templates

Create templates even for the most complex print products within moments. Templates are designed in your Adobe Acrobat Professional software. Here you create the entry fields or image placeholders that can be edited by your customers as so-called blocks on a background. printQ supports you in this: The system automatically recognizes the fonts, colors, font sizes, etc. used in the original print PDF (background PDF). You only have to create the blocks – printQ fills in the required information.