Live Preview

Realistic product preview

This is extremely valuable, as surveys have shown that when it comes to print products, customers appreciate it if they can see what they are ordering beforehand – we make it possible. Simply contact us on this, we’ll gladly help you!

It’s through us that online print shops undergo a live preview revolution. We are the only provider to offer a complete web to print and eCommerce solution including a print shop connection, who can show your customers the current product in a realistic setting.

Poster advertisement in a pedestrian area

printQ_Live Preveiw
The realistic product preview in printQ enables you to let your customers see their print products “live”. Just like with the poster in our example, you can integrate the view into a picture of a pedestrian street, with deceptively real reflections, shadows and light conditions – and letting this whole scenery come to life will only take you a few minutes in Photoshop!
Product ads like this will naturally boost your conversion rate and reduce complaints, as even rather inexperienced customers will get an accurate idea of what they are buying.

Plastic Views

printQ_Live Preview Can
Our realistic product preview not only shows your print products with correct lighting, shadows and reflections – we can even create a three-dimensional effect. Our example of the printed
box illustrates, how in the live preview printQ puts the print file of the label around the object. Of course this is also possible for folded products, mugs or table displays.

Trade fair presentation / Roll Ups

Live Preview Roll Ups
Our live preview is of course also perfect for roll-ups.