B2B and B2C

Unlimited open or closed shops – all in one system!

Why B2B?


If your company primarily sells to other companies, your business model is that of a B2B (Business-to-Business) business. While consumers often choose products not only based on their price, but also with regards to factors such as popularity and other emotional triggers, business customers will usually base their decisions on the price and profit potential of the product. printQ respects this and allows for flexible system customization according to the needs of your business customers, which can vary depending on industry branch and business model. Our easy-to-use, intuitive and fully automated platform can help you avoid unnecessary time loss and complicated order processes with every product or service you need. Speed up your approval processes via e-mail, mobile devices or other customer-optimized processes. All products go into production as soon as possible – and your customers will know immediately when to expect delivery.


Creating B2B and B2C-Shops with our software

printQ allows you to quickly provide your B2B or B2C customers with operation compliant e-portals – all with the required individual features, products and designs. We are your partner when it comes to establishing an online print shop or introducing various online order platforms for the automation of your orders! We have the system and the resources to offer you custom tailored solutions that will increase your company’s success.