3D Preview

Web to Print 3D Preview

Freely rotatable and zoomable 3D product preview

Live Preview
Whether it’s a roll-up, a brochure, a display or a packaging, with printQ’s 3D previews you can breathe life to your products already during the customization process. This preview enables your customers to freely rotate and zoom the individually personalized print products. With printQ’s 3D preview, your customers can more thoroughly check a product before it goes into roduction. Shuffled pages or upside down images will be noticed immediately. And last but not least it’s quite fun and entertaining to freely rotate and zoom your 3D print products
– and it will definitely make your shop stand out from the competition.






Hands-on with the products

Live Preview Dosen 
printQ’s web to print 3D preview allows for any form of interaction with the products. Your customers can try them with a simple click: They can open folded flyers, browse through brochures and assemble packagings.





3D on the go

Live Preview Rollups
Of course printQ is also optimized for all mobile devices. Even the 3D preview works on your mobile phone or tablet. Hence, your sales representative can upload print data to the customer’s print shop right on the spot or present the 3D preview printQ just generated of the product on his tablet. printQ also delivers all calculated order prices and accepts orders while on the go.