3D Packaging Design

The printQ 3D Packaging Design in a nutshell:
  • huge cost savings for development and design work possible
  • basically anyone has now the ability to design customized packagings which frees up resources
  • web to print with online design functions and pre-approved artwork for immediate print production process
  • streamlined workflow process
  • contains our own cloud-based CAD system


Web to pack: Build and design your own packaging!

In our editor library we offer ECMA packages, which your customers can use as the foundation for their own design adding their own branding elements online. All sorts of graphical content and customizable sizes and shapes for the product are possible. Width, height, depth and potentially substrate thickness are the only values they need. Within milliseconds, the printQ 3D Packaging Design creates the 3D model for the preview, the die-cut and the canvas in the designer. The PDF and CF2 files are automatically created for production, based on user-entered variable dimension values within parameters defined by the print service provider, enabling workflow automation and reducing overhead costs.

The innovation of this technology is the ability to instantly create a customized die-cut, visualize it in 3D and to map a 2D object onto a 3D object to allow the full WYSIWYG personalization. This represents outstanding and innovative state-of-the-art software engineering, directly responding to customer’s needs. Of course all this is HTML5-based and supports responsive web design which renders well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes, which enables a particularly straightforward design experience.

You already have an eCommerce portal?

You can quickly and easily offer your packaging products in your external storefronts by using our 3D Packaging Design via printQ Connector.


CloudLab’s award-winning software development


Our award-winning 3D Packaging Design Extension is definitely worth a look! It has not only recently received the EDP Award for “Best Special Application Software”, but also the InterTech™ Technology Award 2018. On top of that it has been recognized as a Red Hot Technology for the PRINT18 Show in Chicago.



The InterTech™ Technology Award is the most important award for innovations in the graphic arts industry in the USA – if not worldwide. It is bestowed by the Printing Industries of America (PIA), the world’s largest industry association. Said one InterTech™ Judge, ”The user experience is impressive; I was able to design a box in a matter of minutes.”



EDP is comprised of industry experts representing 21 Trade Journals focused on digital technologies impacting the printing and graphics industry. Let’s hear what the Technical Committee commented here: “The printQ 3D Packaging Design is a strong and exciting combination of a web to print E-Commerce solution and custom packaging. It takes eCommerce print solutions, web to print and online print shops to a whole new level.”

The awards for our 3D Packaging Design confirm once again that our development efforts were on target.