CloudLab at Online Print Symposium 2015

CloudLab at Online Print Symposium 2015

Having gathered years of experience in the printing media and software Internet industry,CloudLab AG has become the optimum partner for all Web­to­print shops in the media & graphic industry and is this year’s premium partner of the Online Print Symposium.

Participants and speakers come from a wide range of countries, with a solid background in the printing and graphics industry, indicating a greater degree of internationalization. And last but not least the Symposium will be conducted in more than one language – a simultaneous interpreting service will be provided.

We are more than pleased to present the possibilities and opportunities for the graphics industry.

With the help of the printQ, CloudLab offers a product which achieves full automation of the ordering process, helping printing companies and agencies automating their production workflow. PrintQ is a solution based on the open source e­commerce system “Magento”. We are guided by three criteria: ease of use, full automation and chic front­ and backend.

Don’t hesitate to visit us at the Online Print Symposion to see for yourself how we can help you boost sales and increase productivity, using our unique expertise and software.